Q:  What are your ingredients?
A:  Sugar, artificial flavor and FD&C Colors – colors added:  Vanilla & Cherry – Red #40; Raspberry & Sour Raspberry – Blue #1; Strawberry Red #3 and Blue #40; Grape – Red #3 and Blue #1; Lemon – Yellow #5; Orange – Yellow #6 and Blue #40; Bubble Gum – Red #3, Blue #1 and Yellow #6; Watermelon – Red #40 and Red #3; Pina Colada and Banana – Yellow #5; Green Apple - Yellow #5 and Blue #1; Lime - Yellow #5 and Blue #1; White Lace – Pure sugar.

Q:  Can I buy cotton candy with a money order?

A:  Yes!  Simply add the items you want into the shopping cart.  Follow the directions at the bottom of BOTH pages.  You will be prompted to print the order sheet out and mail it along with a money order to the address listed.  Your order will not be processed until the money order arrives.  USPS Money Orders are preferred and ships the quickest.  All other money orders will be held for 7 – 10 business days to clear the bank (we’re sorry, the amount of fraud is ridiculous!).  Sorry, we do not accept personal or company checks.

Q:  Is my credit card information safe?
A:  Yes – All details are collected using s SSL Secured Server.  They are processed using a secure processor – you’ll be emailed a receipt from our shopping cart and a receipt from the processor once your order has been processed.  Your card information is not printed and the details are electronically destroyed by our shopping cart after being processed.

Q:  Do you take credit cards for wholesale accounts?
A:  We now do, although we prefer a wire transfer or USPS Money Orders.  Company checks requires 7-10 business days to clear.  Other money orders can take up to ten (10) business days to clear prior to the order being processed and shipped.  We do not accept Western Union Money Orders.

Q:  What is the turn-around time on ordering cotton candy online?
A:  We ship 5 days per week, VIA FedEx Ground.  Although we try to ship within 2 business days, please allow 3 to 5 business days for your order to be processed and shipped.  We suggest ordering 2 weeks PRIOR to your event date (please keep in mind major holidays!)  FedEx will email you the tracking details when your order ships.

Q:  Do you sell cotton candy cones?
A:  Yes – as a special order.  The reason for this is due to the size of the cones, only 12 – 15 1 oz cones will fit into a box that will hold 96 bags of 1 oz cotton candy.  We compact the cotton candy into approx 1/2 oz balls and bag them.  It’s more economical for shipping and greatly reduces the risk of the cotton candy shrinking in the bags as heat, oxygen and sunlight will make cotton candy shrink in little time.  Our tubs are even more compact and are meant to be enjoyed by pealing thin layers of the candy out of the tub.

Q: Can we pay a fee to have our order prioritized?
A:  Orders are processed in the order they are received.  Although some companies may allow you to pay a fee to have your order bumped in front of others, we do not believe in that practice.  Every customer is equally important to us!

Q:  What is the size of a “normal” cotton candy cone at a fair?
A:  Normally .75 oz to 1 oz.

Q:  What are your shipping rates?
A:  We ship FEDEX Ground / HOME Delivery.  Next Day, 2nd Day and 3 Day is available – orders must be placed over the phone for those shipping options.  Keep in mind this is a VERY EXPENSIVE option – shipping to a commercial address saves costs considerably (home based businesses not included).

Shipping is calculated during the checkout process.  To obtain a shipping quote, simply add the items to your cart and when you’re done, enter the zip code on the shipping page.  It will calculate the shipping charges automatically.

Q:  Do you have cotton candy in tubs?
A:  Yes, tubs are available for special orders.  A minimum order is 300 units for tubs.

Q:  Is your cotton candy tasty?
A:  Yes!  We have 3 flavors that aren’t as strong, those being White Lace (pure sugar), Pina Colada and Pink Vanilla.  These flavors are for people who want to eat cotton candy but do not want a strong fruit flavor.

Q:  What is the shelf life of cotton candy?
A:  Many factors dictate this.  We suggest consuming your cotton candy within 4 weeks of receiving it.  We have had our bags last 100+ days and our tubs 4+ months.  Keeping the product in a cool and dry environment as well out of sunlight will prolong the shelf life.  You can freeze cotton candy for “years” providing you consume it in a reasonable period of time after removing it from the freezer.

Q:  Do you offer Custom Packaging?
A:  Yes!  Some companies advertise cotton candy balls, lollipops, martini glasses, etc.  Our philosophy is simple, just ask us and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.  We can obtain any type of packing for cotton candy and can create custom labels for you as well.  Minimum orders apply, generally of 300+ units.

Q:  Do you make donations?
A:  We do many fundraisers for many groups throughout the year.  This is our way of giving back.  Should you need a fundraiser, please use our Contact Page to send us a message.  We’ll send you the details and our fundraising packet.  Please note:  Fundraisers are available in the Front Range area of Colorado only at this time. 

Q:  We live in the Colorado Springs area, can we purchase locally and save shipping costs?
A:  Yes!  Simply use the contact page and send us your phone number.  We will contact you within 2 business days to take your order.  There is a $5.00 administration fee for local pick-up (however no shipping charges).

Q:  Do you accept returns?
A:  Unfortunately we do not accept returns as Cotton Candy is a food item.  If you have a question about your order, please contact us!  Thank you for your understanding.